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Our humble beginning start in the small town of Mayville, Michigan. The Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles' founder started out with the desire to make better, more powerful Big Bore Air Rifles.


Our guns are all custom made in the USA.

We have proudly custom designed a precise accurate rifle for the modern day Sportsman.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles are proudly made in Texas at our large manufacturing facility in Fort Worth.

We are working diligently with a great desire to bring the best products to you, the consumer. You are our focus!

All Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles Calibers shoot 4500 PSI.  Our Rifles work on compressed air and helium.

We offer .308, .357, .408, .457, .50, .72 Calibers currently, but have plans in the works for an Air Bolt and larger Calibers. 

All Calibers are available in Carbine.













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